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5 Easy Best Practice Tips for Instagram

Category : Social Media · by Nov 14th, 2018

If you’re a steady or modest Instagram user, these are some quick and easy best practice tips you can do now to improve your Instagram account, GO:


  • When promoting a URL on a post, remove it from the copy and replace the URL that’s on your profile bio with the new URL.  
  • Replace the URL text with “link in bio” text on the copy post. 
  • Give the post a few days  
  • Once you know the next post is coming and it has a link or when you’re ready to change the link that’s on your bio, copy the old URL from your bio/profile then go back to your old post and paste the URL back into the copy.  
  • Or be bold and check out linktr.ee, a brand new way to link places to your IG.


  • First, do a bit of research and check how many people are using the hashtag you are planning on using. 
  • Are there any other hashtags that can open up your post to new areas? (#TBT, #MCM, #WCW, #AnimatedShort, #GameNews, etc.) 


  • Make sure to tag the location in your post.  
  • If you’re posting after the event or left the location area, you can still tag the location by looking it up on the search bar. 


  • Tag other individuals or brands 
  • Tag any big personality, talent or influencers that appear on your post 


  • Follow like-minded users, brands and don’t forget you can follow your favorite hashtags now too
  • Follow-back users that engage with your content

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